The UCB Program identifies three stages of internal development:

  1. Core filling - Abdomen
  2. Cavities - Legs and Shoulders
  3. Finish - 6 Harmonies Power

Movement based on these stages follows a distinct progression:

  1. Round and Smooth
  2. Sharp and Piercing
  3. Folding and Plaiting

As sensitivity and power increases, fajin arises naturally. Partner training is essential.

The 5 Mental Models of Transformation provide context to training and bridge to everyday life.

  1. Standing - Perfecting posture
  2. Stillness - Uncovering your intrinsic quiet
  3. Pearls - Feeling your core response to gravity
  4. Bones - Separating hard and soft
  5. Emptiness - Experience full mind-body integration.

This multi-year course of study will demand your best efforts to complete. Each stage of training requires character, dedication and discipline. Be aware that many will not perform to my satisfaction and will have to enroll again until standards are met.

An introduction to basic concepts and terminology. Standing meditation and simple movements show how the generation of internal power is guided by specific qi sensations. These initial qi sensations are mapped to modern neuro-anatomy to fit clearly in a western scientific context.